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As local accountants and business advisers, Brewster Walsh & Associates (previously within the WHK Group, Stewart Ruge & Walsh and S.R. Longney & Associates Pty Ltd) has a history in the region dating back over 50 years.  We are committed to providing quality advice and service, and developing friendly, long term, pro-active relationships with clients to create solutions and meet objectives.

In 2012 Brewster Walsh established a permanent office in Hamilton through a merger with existing Hamilton firm A.Taylor Taxation & Accounting.

Whilst providing services to you the client, we utilise the existing knowledge of each of our experts.  This enables us to provide the full range of financial services required.  In this way we can avoid reinventing the wheel and can provide you with a truly comprehensive, tailored financial solution that targets your financial success and long term security.

Our advisers build long term relationships with clients based on regular communication and contact, combined with a strong understanding of your business and personal needs.  Our firm offers all the business advisory services you could possibly need at different stages of your life or business.

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About Us

The partners and staff at Brewster Walsh & Associates have a long history in the green triangle region and have gained expertise across a wide cross section of businesses and industries.  We offer a full range of advisory, accountancy, audit and business services.

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At Brewster Walsh & Associates we aim to provide you with advice when your business needs it, not just when you ask for it.

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Brewster Walsh & Associates provides links to a number of on-line resources which may be of interest to our clients.  This material is not provided by way of advice.  Any action will need to be assessed in the light of your particular situation.